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Tony Webber, Harmony, MN

Dear Fillmore County Citizens,

As your recently retired Chief Deputy of the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office, it is my honor to fully recommend John DeGeorge for your next
Sheriff of Fillmore County.


I worked for the Fillmore County Sheriffs Office for 27 years and was appointed as your Chief Deputy in 2012.  I served in that role until my retirement in June of 2017.   For 20 years I worked with John and was his supervisor for 12 of those years. Over the last 20 years, it has been my pleasure to have watched John develop both personally and professionally.

John is a hard worker, he was the first Narcotics Officer that the
Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office had. He started the position with
enthusiasm, dedication, and he helped make the position into the
success that it is today. John built relationships with other agencies
that the office still utilizes today. Officers often told me that John
was always someone that they could count on. As a Sergeant, John was

on duty the night of the flood in Rushford in 2007. He showed his true

abilities as a leader by taking charge, organizing, and leading many

rescue efforts that night and into the next day. As a Captain, I have

watched John interact with victims of crimes, he always treats them with

the dignity and respect that they deserve. John is always more then
willing to go the extra mile in helping them get through some of the
hardest things in their lives.

John is a dedicated father and husband. I have spent time with John, his wife, and kids on many occasions. He always takes time to be with them and enjoys all the activities that his family is involved in. He has strong family values and is dedicated to his wife and kids.  John is thorough, thoughtful, and treats all people with dignity and respect. John has the leadership qualities that the Citizens of Fillmore County expect and deserve.

I, Retired Chief Deputy Tony Webber, whole heartedly endorse John DeGeorge for Fillmore County Sheriff.

Tony Webber

Tom Mosher, Spring Valley, MN

Fillmore County Residents:

I am Tom Mosher, Lifetime resident of Spring Valley and support John DeGeorge in the upcoming election on November 6 th , 2018. John is currently a Captain with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office.

As a recently retired Police Chief of Fountain, Police Chief of Ostrander and a part-time Fillmore County Deputy of 20 years, I have worked very closely with John DeGeorge. Because of working with John in the capacity of law enforcement in Fillmore County for 20 years I have great respect and confidence supporting him for Fillmore County Sheriff.

Since I was the only Officer operating two police departments by myself many times I relied John for advice and assistance. John has great knowledge, a wide range of expertise, professionalism, integrity, always transparent and willing to assist me at anytime.

Tom Mosher

John DeGeorge is a family man with a wife and two young children with strong family values. He is a life long Fillmore County resident.

John has worked his entire law enforcement career in Fillmore County. He was a Police Officer, Fillmore County Deputy, Fillmore County Undercover Narcotics Investigator, Fillmore County Patrol Sergeant, and currently a Captain with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office.

John DeGeorge has had other career offers with larger law enforcement agencies for greater pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement but he has turned those down because he is committed to serving the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office and all residents of Fillmore County. He is 40 years old and if elected for Fillmore County Sheriff he could be your Sheriff for many years to come.

John is highly respected not only in the Fillmore County Sheriff’s agency and other law enforcement agencies but by residents in Fillmore County. He has earned the public’s trust. John DeGeorge has great enthusiasm, great involvement, confidence, integrity, caring and great leadership. John understands the needs of the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office and the community of Fillmore County
from a law enforcement perspective.

Please consider this letter with John DeGeorge in mind as you vote for Fillmore County Sheriff on November 6 th , 2018.


Tom Mosher
Fountain Police Chief
Ostrander Police Chief
P.T. Fillmore County Deputy

Tom Kycek, Rochester, MN

To the people of Fillmore County:

During my 37 year career with the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office, I had the privilege of working
with Captain John DeGeorge for over 15 years. Out of respect to the office of sheriff and the high regard to which I hold John as a law enforcement officer and valued friend, I'm pleased to endorse John DeGeorge as the next sheriff of Fillmore County.

After becoming acquainted with John, it soon became evident that he not only was an officer rich in
moral fiber, but also a man of his word. His common sense approach to challenging situations enabled sound decision making. In part, this has allowed John to stand out as a proven and respected leader with trustworthiness and dedication second to none. John is devoted to serving the people of Fillmore County with your best interest in mind. He shares your concerns, is insightful and resourceful in providing effective solutions.

I assure you there is no other candidate better qualified and more deserving to fulfill the duties and
responsibilities of Fillmore County sheriff than John DeGeorge. Your vote and support for John assures that your voice will be heard.

Chief Deputy Tom Kycek (retired)
Fillmore County Sheriff''s Office

Tom Kycek

Dan Book, Peterson, MN

As a former law enforcement officer and friend of the candidate, I am supporting John DeGeorge as the next Fillmore County Sheriff.

John’s training, skills, experience, integrity and commitment to law enforcement make him very
qualified to serve as sheriff.

I have known John since he was a child. His family was very involved in outdoor and natural resources related activities when I moved to Fillmore County as a Minnesota DNR Conservation Officer. I first met him as the young son of a volunteer Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Instructor in Rushford.

When John became a member of the local law enforcement community as a young adult, I watched him develop into a dedicated officer with a drive and passion for the job. I have also observed that he is understanding, compassionate and respectful in dealing with the public, fellow law enforcement officers, first responders and crime victims. He is very deserving of the respect he has attained in those relationships. I have been impressed with him during his career in law enforcement and consider him an outstanding law enforcement officer who would be a capable, competent and committed leader in the role of sheriff.

John DeGeorge is well qualified to lead the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department and I support Captain DeGeorge in his bid to become Sheriff DeGeorge!

I, Retired Minnesota DNR Conservation Officer, Dan Book endorse John DeGeorge for Fillmore County Sheriff.

Dan Book
Mike Ebner

Mike Ebner, Rushford Village, MN

My name is Mike Ebner and I am a resident of the City of Rushford Village and have lived in the Rushford area my entire life. I am also on the City of Rushford Village Council. I am a friend of the DeGeorge family and have known John since he was a small child.

I have watched John grow and become an outstanding individual. As a retired 30 year member of the Rushford Fire Department and past Chief, I have seen firsthand the outstanding leadership, technical and personal skills John has in dealing with people and stressful situations. One time that stands out the most would be the Flood of 2007 when John and other members of the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office helped with the rescues and ensuing work that it took to help stabilize the Rushford area. John’s leadership and people skills really stood out in these stressful times.


This is why I feel John would be the best candidate for Fillmore County Sheriff. Please vote John
DeGeorge for Fillmore County Sheriff in November.

Dave Schafer, Retired BCA

To the voters and residents of Fillmore County;


I do not reside in Fillmore County; however I am a recently retired Agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) assigned to the Rochester Field Office.  My duties were to assist in homicide investigations, officer involved shootings, and conflict cases in which peace officers were being accused of felony crimes.  Fillmore County was in my assigned area.  In my 11 years as an Agent, I worked closely with Captain DeGeorge on some difficult and complex cases.  Even prior to my employment as an Agent, I knew John DeGeorge from my 23 years with the Austin Police Department.


As a peace officer, I hold John DeGeorge in the highest regard.  There are few in the field that have the degree and combination of leadership, professionalism, integrity, and dedication that John DeGeorge possesses.  As a personal friend, I admire John’s loyalty and trust both as an individual and family man.


Captain DeGeorge has been a participant of the Leadership Training courses sponsored by the BCA.  The student body is comprised of law enforcement officers seeking to become leaders or enhance their leadership skills in law enforcement and their communities.  Not only has Captain DeGeorge been a successful student of the training, he was selected from this group of leaders to present a motivational commencement address to his class.

Dave Schafer

I have worked with Captain DeGeorge on death scenes, and an officer involved shooting.  I have witnessed firsthand his professionalism and dedication.  Captain DeGeorge solely initiated the re-opening of an unsolved homicide investigation which occurred in Fillmore County in 1936.  Though the suspects and witnesses have long since passed on, Captain DeGeorge was not comfortable having an unsolved murder assigned to the Sheriff’s Office.  The BCA had provided assistance back in 1936, and that file was shared with Captain DeGeorge.  Captain DeGeorge reviewed the case file, conducted additional investigation, and provided the updated case to the Fillmore County Attorney, resulting in a successful conclusion and the case being closed.    


My support and encouragement for John DeGeorge seeking to become Sheriff is unwavering.  The BCA has a reputation for seeking the most respected, professional, and diplomatic peace officers to become Agents.  Captain DeGeorge’s leadership, professionalism, and tenacity are well known at the BCA, as well as local law enforcement agencies.  Captain DeGeorge was heavily recruited by me, as well as other Agents at the BCA, to become an agent.  Captain DeGeorge had been offered a position at the BCA.  After much consideration towards the effect it would have on his family, in addition to his steadfast loyalty to the residents of Fillmore County and for the Sheriff’s Office, he declined.  As an Agent, I was disappointed.  Personally, I respected John even more as he was putting the needs of others before his own.


Throughout my 34 years in law enforcement, I have met and worked with countless peace officers across the country.  If I were in a position to create my own department, appoint a department head, or vote for a leader, John DeGeorge would be at the top of every one of those.


Unfortunately, due to residency, I am unable to vote for John DeGeorge.  I whole-heartedly encourage the residents of Fillmore County to elect John DeGeorge.  Genuine leaders who have the best interest of their constituents as their priority are hard to come by.  You have one with John DeGeorge.  With the utmost in sincerity, I whole-heartedly encourage you to elect John DeGeorge as your Sheriff.


Dave Schafer

Retired BCA Agent

Sam Stensgard

Sam Stensgard, Retired Rushford Police Chief

One of the best things about being a police officer in a rural community is getting to know the kids and watching them grow. It’s really something to watch these kids become successful in their adult lives as well as great parents to their children. One of the kids I got to know is now Fillmore County Sheriff's Office Captain John DeGeorge.

John has always seemed extremely focused. After graduation from high school he went off to school and became qualified to become a police officer. I am proud to say I was the first Chief of Police to give John an opportunity to advance in the career he chose. From the start, it was obvious that John possessed many of the qualities needed to be a trusted professional: Motivation, Integrity, Compassion, Honesty; but most of all John had Common Sense.

Since those early years I have watched as John quickly advanced his professional career to his current position of Captain for the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department. While at the Sheriff’s Department I know John has held many positions including patrol deputy, night patrol Sergeant, narcotics investigator, and Captain (investigator). This steady advancement for any deputy shows that you are very good at what you do. I believe the fact that John was offered a position with the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and turned it down, speaks volumes to the caliber of deputy John is and to his devotion to this County.

In my opinion John’s devotion to duty, his fellow officers and the people he serves is unwavering. FCSO Captain John DeGeorge, a kid I watched grow up, a great husband and father and someone I consider a friend, has character and he cares. He’ll put the people he works with and those he serves first.


John will make an outstanding Sheriff. He is the professional every kid going into criminal justice should want to be. It is my privilege to endorse John DeGeorge as Sheriff of Fillmore County in the upcoming election. I do not believe you can go wrong voting for him.

Former Chief of Police
Sam Stensgard #822 Retired
Rushford Police Department

John Carlin

John Carlin, Lanesboro, MN

To the voters of Fillmore County:

I retired from the Austin Police Department.  After I retired I moved to Fillmore County and worked part-time for the Lanesboro Police Dept., the Preston Police Dept., and the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office. 


I met John DeGeorge 20 years ago when I was helping the Sheriff's Office select applicants to be hired by the Sheriff's Office.  The physical fitness course was a grueling test of strength and stamina.  I saw the determination in John that he used to come out on top of that applicant list.  John was hired by the Sheriff's Office and I had the opportunity to work with him.  He always reminded me of the few officers that I'd worked with that were natural cops.  They knew how to do their jobs well and work with the public they were sworn to serve.  I guess I was not surprised by the advancement John was making in the department, from Patrol Deputy to Narcotics Task Force to Patrol Sergeant and to his current position as Captain.  

I think that John DeGeorge is a well qualified candidate and should be elected as Sheriff of

Fillmore County.  

Respectfully submitted

Fillmore County resident

John Carlin, Retired Austin Police Dept.

Matt Schultz

Matt Schultz, Preston, MN

Dear Citizens of Fillmore County:

Please accept this letter as a qualified endorsement of Captain John DeGeorge for the Office of Sheriff for Fillmore County in the 2018 election.  Throughout my 29 years in the law enforcement profession I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with many officers in the county and surrounding areas and have had the personal pleasure of working directly with Captain DeGeorge. I found John to be not only a trustworthy, highly motivated, dedicated professional, but truly a great human being who knows respect is to be earned and is not inherent to the job. With his training, experience, compassion and leadership ability.  The citizens of Fillmore County will be well served to elect John DeGeorge as their Sheriff.

Matthew R. Schultz
Preston, Minnesota

L.E. "Buck" Kreager, Mabel, MN

To the voters and people of Fillmore County:


For the upcoming election of Sheriff in Fillmore County I feel the timing is right to support one of your own, and I endorse Johnny DeGeorge for that position.

As a retired veteran police officer of over 32 years [my last 23, 1977-2000,] as being Chief in Mabel Minnesota, I had the opportunity to meet and work with many fine law enforcement officers.  Several have since retired, and several still remain with the Sheriffs Department.

I met Johnny about 20 years ago when he began his career in law enforcement.  A career he had always wanted.  From that time forward he has remained loyal to the department even though he has had offers of employment elsewhere.  He has shown a great deal of dedication and effort in doing his job.  I have had the opportunity to get to know Johnny and his wife, and I can tell you that not only is he devoted to his job, but to his wife and family.


I feel he has the experience for the job and he understands what the department needs now, and what is necessary to maintain efficiency within the department in years to come.


A vote for DeGeorge will be rewarding for the interest of the Sheriffs Department, and the people he will serve.



L.E. "Buck" Kreager

Chief [#841 R]

Mabel PD

Mabel, Mn.  55954

Buck Kreager

Mary Peterson

To the citizens of Fillmore County:

I am honored to endorse Captain John DeGeorge for Fillmore County Sheriff.

“Hey Mary, how’s your day going?” This is what John would ask me whenever he came into my office. The District Court Office and the Sheriff’s Office worked well together on a daily basis on many types of cases. John was always concerned and sincere about helping the people of Fillmore County.

I was previously employed with Fillmore County District Court Office for over 25 years. I know from my personal experiences, working at the District Court Office, that John DeGeorge was well respected in our office. John was always very professional and dedicated to the welfare of the citizens of Fillmore County. It was then, and still is today, reassuring to me to know that John truly cares about the residents of Fillmore County.

John DeGeorge is out and about at public events meeting the people. He is both personable and approachable. I encourage everyone to take the time to get to know him.

John DeGeorge’s work ethics will serve the citizens of Fillmore County well. I support Captain John DeGeorge as the next Fillmore County Sheriff.

Mary Peterson,
Deputy Court Administrator

Mary Peterson

Adam Eide, Rushford, MN

Dear Friends, Family, and fellow residents of Fillmore County:

This is my letter of qualified endorsement of Captain John DeGeorge for the Office of Fillmore County Sheriff in the 2018 election. I would like to say I’m honored to have been asked for a letter of endorsement and to have my endorsement next to my former colleagues and current law enforcement officers who are also endorsing Captain DeGeorge. In my 22 years in the law enforcement profession I‘ve had the opportunity to get to know Captain DeGeorge. He is a guardian of the people of Fillmore County and is a personal friend. We started our careers together in the City of Rushford as young, eager, like-minded police officers, and ready to save the world.

You should know that I believe trust is earned everyday through actions and if you say you’ll do
something you’ll do it. Captain DeGeorge has earned my trust as I have personally witnessed him do his job right every time, even when no one was watching. If you are having a hard time or fall down, he will not take the opportunity to kick you while you’re down; Captain DeGeorge will reach his hand out to help you to your feet. He has treated our citizens with the utmost respect just as he would want his family treated in the same situations. He doesn’t take short cuts to make it easier for himself and goes the extra mile in anything he does. Even when Captain DeGeorge isn’t working he still demonstrates every day that he is a great son, brother, uncle, husband, father, and friend. He always has time to listen and help when he is needed. You should know that after gaining my trust, Captain DeGeorge was the best man in my wedding 19 years ago and I still consider him my best man today.

Eleven years ago as the raging flood waters overwhelmed the City’s levee system; I was the only police officer on duty that night. DeGeorge wasn’t told or ordered to Rushford to help me, and you couldn’t have stopped him anyway from helping until everyone was safe and accounted for. He possesses a sense of duty not found in everyone. He currently works very hard for you and your family every day with very difficult situations that are hard to talk about. Captain DeGeorge deals with investigating child abuse, sexual abuse, frauds, scams, and numerous other calls that are given to him. Captain DeGeorge is so motivated he has even solved a previously unsolved murder with the help of his continuing education, law enforcement skills, and his common sense.

I believe Captain DeGeorge is a leader who leads by example and just being around him makes people want to do better and have a better life. Captain DeGeorge takes care of himself by eating and exercising regularly so he can take better care of us. One of my favorite teachers, the late Mitch Thompson of Rushford-Peterson Schools saying was “Be a Good Human Being.” Every day I strive to be a good human being. You should know that Mr. Thompson was Captain DeGeorge’s teacher also and you can see that Captain DeGeorge was an excellent student because I consider him to be a “Great Human Being.”

I can promise you when your flood waters or your darkest day are at your front door and you don’t think you can go on by yourself, you can count on Captain DeGeorge to help you through until everyone is safe and your raging waters have long since left. I can promise my “Best Man” can and will be your “Best Man” too! Please vote John DeGeorge as our Sheriff on November 6th, 2018.

Adam G. Eide

Rushford, MN

Adam Eide

Matthew Kirkpatrick

My name is Matthew Kirkpatrick.  I am a criminal defense attorney in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I had the great opportunity to interact with John in and out of the courtroom and outside of the practice of law while living in Wykoff and practicing law in Fillmore County.  He exemplifies professionalism and fairness and has shown the utmost respect for the legal process from the investigation, testifying at motion hearings and testifying at trial.  I wholeheartedly endorse John for Fillmore County Sheriff. 

Matthew Z. Kirkpatrick

Menomonie, WI

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Daryl Jensen

To the citizens of Fillmore County,


I spent nearly 35 1/2 years of my life employed by Fillmore County. The last nearly ten years as your Sheriff. It has been over three years since I retired, but I've have had continued contact with John DeGeorge as he made his decision to run for Sheriff.    


John and I worked closely while I was Sheriff. There were many days that we had long conversations about the future of the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office. Whether it was strategic planning, staffing decisions, discussions about training or talking about cases, I learned to trust John and respected his input and opinion. Although I was in a good position to mentor John, I learned a great deal from him myself. I watched John grow and mature as a person and peace officer. His dedication and passion for law enforcement is unmatched.   

John was the first full time Narcotics Investigator in Fillmore County history. He took this position at a time when meth labs were at an all time high in our country. He did a tremendous job for Fillmore County and the Southeastern Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Task Force.

Daryl Jensen

I saw many times as I worked with John that he wasn't afraid to take on any type of investigation, no matter how difficult. That was evident in the work he did in the Olson brothers homicide case from 1936.

I promoted John twice during my time as Sheriff. First as a Patrol Sergeant and later as a Captain. John became the first Sheriff's Office employee to graduate from the Police Management Training and Senior Management Training programs put on by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The instructors were so impressed, John was asked to speak at the graduation in St. Paul. I was very proud of him for all he put into that training. He later had a chance to go to work for the BCA but chose to stay in Fillmore County. 

Before I left office I nominated John for the FBI National Academy. When I retired that day in January of 2015, I knew that one day when John was ready, he would run for Sheriff in Fillmore County. That day has come.   

I very proudly endorse John DeGeorge, not only for who he is and what he has done, but for what he will do for you in the  future as your Sheriff. 


Thank you,


Daryl Jensen
Retired Fillmore County Sheriff

LuAnn Hoff

LuAnn Hoff, Preston, MN

To the Citizens of Fillmore County:

I am LuAnn Hoff and I recently retired after 44 years with Fillmore County, the last 22 years working at the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office. I managed the front office and did clerical, secretarial and
administrative office support.

We had three Sheriffs during my 22 years working at the Sheriff’s Office. I was there when John
DeGeorge started his career with Fillmore County. I have watched him work his way up in the Sheriff’s Office to his current position of Captain. He is a dedicated officer who I admire, who has chosen to commit his whole career and loyalty to the people of Fillmore County.


John embodies all the qualities I would like to see in the Sheriff of Fillmore County going forward. When 92% of the current union of Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Jailers and Dispatchers support and endorse Captain John DeGeorge for Sheriff, that speaks volumes!


I encourage you to read all of the letters of endorsement that have been written in support of John DeGeorge. I think you will see the overwhelming show of support for John by his law enforcement partners, both current and retired. I whole heartedly agree with all of them! John is the right man for the job.

I am proud to endorse John DeGeorge for Fillmore County Sheriff and I encourage you to vote for John DeGeorge on Election Day!

Thank you,
LuAnn Hoff

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